Jiu Jitsu A Legacy…

There is some history behind everything, some historical facts are worth remembering and some are just to average to be remembered. Historically, people used to invent things on their own (in order to survive, in order to live and in order to make things easier for themselves). Later on when the era changed, future generations worked on everything in order to make things better and feasible for all. Previously, they used to defend themselves by making swords and spears with the help of woods (wooden sharp knives) and so much more has been introduced by all of them who are no more in existence. Anyways, there were people who were so brave that they used to live in caves and they used to combat with animals bare hands, imagine fighting with a bear with bare hands. Certainly, when we say they used to fight with bare hands obviously led things towards a discussion of “how they did that” killing somebody with bare hands require some serious skills and techniques.

Fighting styles originated from that era, judo, karate, aikido, boxing, wrestling and jiu jitsu. Some fighting styles are so famous that we all are aware of it, but there are some fighting styles which are not that famous or well known ‘jiu jitsu’ is one among those. Although the roots of this fighting style is said to be attached to old India monks this style is sometimes known as women’s self defence classes.

In reality Japan was the country where this fighting style was practiced as Judo and was then introduced to Brazilian Family around 1914-1915 by “Esai Maeda” the initiator of Jiu Jitsu was actually the master of Jiu Jitsu who used to train under Master Kano. There are different types of Jiu Jitsu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Hornsby is different from Japanese Jiu Jitsu, basically Japan and China are the countries who have really worked hard for the fighting and fighter’s sense of fighting.

If we research some history of this fighting style, we can see that the Judo/Jiu Jitsu School in Brazil was opened in 1909, there were number of student passed out as a master, Maeda was one among them. For those who has not heard about the word Kimono, which means the ring of the Jiu Jitsu (Just like the wrestling ring is called a RING) this ring is known as Kimono. In real the ring is quite different from other fighting styles, Jiu Jitsu ring is like a round mat with different colors usually, blue in the centre ( which denotes the area for fighting) then comes the yellow and then red (beyond which lies the disqualification of the fighter).


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Pain In The Back!

Many these days often experience pain the upper or lower back by the age of 35/40. And it is proven to create stress and anxiety among them, due to the ill management of the throbbing aches. There are various possible reasons through which this situation can occur, the following are some of the many;

Bad posture

A lot of people maintain very wrong posture in their daily movements, that results in ailments to deal with on a regular basis. Learning and getting accustomed to the correct way of sitting, standing and sleeping in the right posture would keep anyone free and away from all aches and contribute physically as well.

The position in which the body is held during the performance of a physical activity, vastly affects the spinal area of a person, that can sometimes lead to soreness, discomfort and in some other cases, immobility.


If a person is employed in a position of job that requires physical maneuvering of objects, it can critically affect a person’s physical wellbeing. Regardless of the condition of manual labor, slouching while working, heavy use of high heels and being obese can affect the comfort on equal terms as well.

An option of Manual handling training Sydney can be done to overcome this issue, by educating workers on the correct ways of lifting, pulling, pushing etc. it would help in avoiding the outcome of physical defects from occurring due to prolonged behavior. This training would clearly define the pros and cons of improper posture and the effects in the use of improper technique in handling objects and gives awareness.

Accidents and Injuries

Having undergone an accident or an injury would open doors to all varieties of ailments when considering the inability to perform with the right posture due to a fracture or musculoskeletal defect caused by a chance of fate.


People deal with back pain due to stress, which is caused by the tensed muscles at the back, the crisis of not getting undisturbed sleep can give rise to anxiety, depression and many sleepless nights. Chronic back pain can occur as a reason of muscle tightening due to stress and fatigue, that makes the body vulnerable and pressurized to any joint of pain. Stress can be fought by slowing down the schedule, relaxing oneself, getting sound sleep, using mind diversion techniques and so on. 

It is highly advised to get used to the correct manner of holding positions at a young age in order to avoid any kind of temporary or permanent ailments all lifelong.

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